I hate moving.

No, I DETEST moving.

I have been fortunate. I have only moved several times in my life — college, medical school, home in Connecticut where I stayed for 27 years. Then we came down to Maryland in 2008 and now we are moving back to Connecticut.

I detest moving.

To me, it feels like societal disruption and upheaval. I am in a state of constant PANIC. What to throw out, what to save, where do I pack some items, what do I leave for the professional movers. My life is in front me, bare and unvarnished. Memories, the vast majority good but some incredibly traumatic and disquieting. I am forced to face the past and would rather not dwell on it. If I work hard enough on MOVING, I do not have time or energy to ruminate. However, at 0300 hrs the dreams and nightmares intrude and I am up to ward them off. An hour later I return to bed and try to get sleep. The next day, the cycle repeats.

I detest moving.

I know that within 24 hours of actually moving back home, the uproar and committee arguments in my brain will dissipate and then disappear. I have 30 days to endure this torture, though. Sometimes I think I should just surrender and stay put in the present house. Then reason intervenes and I am back packing boxes, rifling through papers and thinking about what an adventurous and mad journey the last four years has been.

I should not have waited until I was 53 years old to do this. I am too old for all this craziness.

But, as my wife continually tells me, when have I ever lived the way normal people do?

I detest moving. I swear I will NEVER do it again.

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Physician, teacher, administrator, military officer -- and a few other roles just thrown in to make it interesting!
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