Summer on the Bay

We live on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The summer season has begun and for this New Englander, summer on the Bay is pretty close to nirvana.

We sit out on our neighbor’s pier. The billowing white sails glimmer on the horizon in the distance. They silently slide along the surface, tack in one direction and then the next. It seems to be a big ballet on the waves — a ballet that for me defies logic. I am not a sailor. I am an airman!

The sun moves across the brilliant blue sky above. The towering feathered white cumulus clouds intercept the sun here and there.

We turn pink, then brown as the season moves on. With each day our cares, anxieties and fears seem to become smaller and smaller and smaller.

Ah, summer on the Chesapeake. I shall miss it when we leave in October but it will be in my heart forever.

About Michael Therrien

Physician, teacher, administrator, military officer -- and a few other roles just thrown in to make it interesting!
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