My name is Mike Therrien. I am a renaissance man. I know a little bit about a lot of things. I know a great deal about a very few fields. I have had  life-defining and self-altering experiences at odd times during my 57 years on this planet. I believe it is time to share my thoughts about my journey through life with a wider group of people — you, my audience.

I am not really new to blogging. In 2010 I found myself practicing intensive care medicine in  a combat hospital in Iraq — at 55 years old. I needed to tell my friends and family about what I was going through and to try to put this bizarre sojourn in some perspective for myself. I created a private photo blog to share those 200 days with those closest to me. Much to my amazement, I found that others found my posts fascinating, well-written, and moving. I personally found writing them to be therapeutic and calming. I write now with hopes of reproducing that magic.

I have known since age 5 that I wanted to be a doctor. It is my calling. Today, more than ever, I believe with unshakable resolve that I was put here to heal and comfort. How I have carried out this mission is the real story.

I am a cardiologist and critical care physician. I graduated from medical school 31 years ago. I was a medical school professor for a very long time. My friends will tell you that I went down seemingly strange and misguided paths while practicing — getting degrees in medical management and health law to help me fight off those I maintained were interfering with my perception of how medicine SHOULD be practiced.

After 27 years, I burned out. I had travelled so far down those distracting roads, I lost my way. I was no longer healing, no longer teaching how to heal. I needed a re-start, a defibrillation. I became a medical officer by direct commission in the United States Air Force and found myself literally running after 27 year old fellow officers in the service of the Nation. It was then they sent me to Iraq.

Now my military journey has come to a close — my obligation was completed on 19 October 2012. I have a new position helping to take care of our Nation’s veterans in New England. Come with me as I travel down this next road and read what is on my mind. And tell me what YOU think!


About Michael Therrien

Physician, teacher, administrator, military officer -- and a few other roles just thrown in to make it interesting!
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  1. Lisa Annis says:

    Thanks for sending!


  2. Sandra Timko says:

    Just now read your blog entries. I am so glad you are doing this because you reveal more of yourself in your blog. In person I catch only glimpses. Also when you leave it is a great way to hear of your experiences.

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